Rumor: Could there be a new DLC for GTA V

According to the latest rumors from Rockstar Games, Trevor, Michael and Franklin would have very soon a new DLC. This would focus on the history of the game, but Take Two Interactive -the parent company of Rockstar Games-mentioned it is not fully defined its release. However, this could serve as a strategy to surprise fans with an unexpected release.

A big mistake made with DLC Rockstar has released previously, it is that they have focused more advanced users, bypassing the novice. However, as has been told, this new DLC would be focused precisely those new users, allowing them to enjoy it more and can be benefited if not precisely tell or not enjoy the online mode.

Gamingbolt also hinted various information about the new DLC for GTA V, which as has been told, would Trevor, Michael and Franklin the ‘benefit’ being in this release.

Also, Take Two Interactive has not officially commented on the launch, but at a recent conference said Karl Slat off:

In regards to downloadable content for GTA V, for now we have nothing to say about it today.

There is no doubt that despite the flexibility allowed Rockstar using mods, the fact of having a “competitor” in the online game was not pleased, even though, according to the developers argued that this alternative He did not violate any rules of Rockstar.

There is still waiting for the official statement of FiveM, although as has been seen in their website, they are actively developing this mod.

However, several changes have been witnessed in the Online GTA that, one way or another, indicate that you are approaching a new update, especially for double RP, extra cash prizes, among others. Similarly, the launch could coincide with the launch date some DLC last year.

Ultimately, GTA 5 Free Download users have suffered several crashes in the game from the developer, especially those who were involved in the development of a mod that allowed a form of alternative multiplayer for GTA V.

The people of Rockstar Games did not seem a good idea to have an alternate world to play online, so he lashed out against those who used, developed or promoted the use of mod in question (FiveM).

For now all we can do is wait, either to report new Rockstar Games DLC or just have it available for download. We hope this is a fact, as we would enjoy various developments for the story mode.


Fifa 16 Tips and Tricks for Noobs

FIFA 19Sneijder Zimmermann is a professional football player. However, the three-time German champions do not kick in the real space, but on the virtual green. Jan is Progamer the Clan Team Acer and expert on FIFA 16 us he betrayed 12 tips that should encourage every FIFA Player:. From Vollnoob who just turned again deducted five to zero by buddy was, to professionals, the online the leagues dominated. Everyone can learn something.

Tip # 1: With Real to victory

Whoever wants to be successful in FIFA 16, needs a successful team. January swears by Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, in his opinion, the strongest squad extensive team pool of the new FIFA. In particular, the royal Spaniards have done to him, Cristiano Ronaldo is simply hard to beat the storm. Generally important are running strong offensive player that can prevail in head duels.

Tip # 2: you parking on right, man!

Almost as important as the choice of the team, is the right strategy. January recommends the establishment of “4-5-1 wide”. The turns out to be in the game as 4-2-3-1. The two defensive midfielders provide stability and help defend. In attack, we pull it forward and thus ensure superiority in midfield.

Are we playing with Real’s Cristiano Ronaldo booked for Jan as a striker. He is prolific as Karim Benzema and may his final strength in the middle bring better used than on the flank, where FIFA 16 placed him by default.

Tip # 3: In peace lies strength

The “Long Ball” has had its day. In FIFA 16 in particular the central defender acts the defense, much better. Simple, quick passes in the run have little prospect of success. Therefore, in January recommends: Stay calm! Lieber back playing the ball as it unnecessarily losing by a hasty action. Using the two 6 in playmaking and pull apart the defense by a clever shift to the wings instead. For long passes with secure ball players of strong new passport does a good job (RB and A on the Xbox pad). Excellent for a quick game outwards.

Tip # 4: Free running Free running, free running!

In Passstaffetten between offensive players always press the freewheeling button (LB). So our players back ever further in the direction of the opponent’s penalty area. Sometime arises already the gap.Then a pass. A shot. And there’s the thing.

Tip # 5: Tricks are for informers

Tricks and skill moves uses Jan Zimmermann rarely. He relies on a rather clever build-up play. To leave against 1 opponent in 1, he only needs the simple step-overs and the feint shot. Everything else is nonsense.

Tip # 6: The perfect cross – eye on the striker

Goals by flanks are not rocket science, just a matter of the right timing. Therefore, do not look at the January storms along on the sidelines on the ball carrier (but please do not run off), but the striker in the penalty area. A defense Hühne snuggles closely to our attackers an edge is almost synonymous with the loss of the ball. If our header strong striker (about Cristiano Ronaldo) but with some distance between the central defenders that’s perfect. The first defender makes the ball, the second is in the back of our striker. And who then did all possibilities.

Waits our top scorer at the near post before two defensive players, a flat edge on offering (three times press the X button).

Tip # 7: The right conclusion

The one shot that always ends up in the net, there is not in FIFA 16th With the right conclusion, we increase the chances of a goal but drastically. For simple statements on goal Jan Zimmermann focuses on the normal full chip shot (B).

Searching through our strikers alone on the goalkeeper, a placed shot (RB and B) is recommended into the far corner. If the keeper dare too far out of the gate, we can put the conclusion in short Eck.

Tip # 8: The 6 defended

In January of defense works primarily with the defensive midfielders. Even if an opponent slips times over, he takes better with the 6 chase, instead of the central defender rauszuziehen. Those who do, namely, tearing gaping holes in their own defense. In pursuit shirt pulling (B) is a legitimate means to thwart the attacker – even if this results in a foul.

Tip # 9: The goalkeeper remains in goal

Who brings the goalkeeper too early out of the box, the ball might as well shoot yourself pure. Again and again observed Jan, that player against storming the advancing attacker too early with their keeper. Only when the top scorer in the 16er is, we should the goalkeeper of the line fetch (Y).

Tip # 10: corners occur Made Easy

Corners shoots Jan in normal circumstances to the near post. For this purpose, he manually selects a header strong striker and placed him at the front corner of the 5-meter space. By Eckballschutzen he is targeting his goal and invites about 2½ fields of shot bar on. Done.

In defense he tries precisely to prevent this tactic of his opponent. He sees that a striker to the corner of the 5-meter space runs, he runs with a header strong defender also there.

The goalkeeper is acting in FIFA 16 at corners very well and picks the most balls independently from the air. So we let him best do its job in peace.

When January comes to defending a guide, he leads the corner briefly, secures the ball and builds an organized attack on.

Tip # 11: When yourselfers a step in the wrong direction

Placing Penalty properly is an art in FIFA 16th This is why most shots land slightly to the side halfway.Who peppy dive, with the keeper in the corner, ventured to sail on weak entered ball past. Once the enemy starts to shoot, Jan makes therefore a step in the “wrong” direction (maybe to the left) to (right) to then jump to the other side.

Tip # 12: free kicks only directly, please!

At free kicks There are only two possibilities for Jan. Option 1: He has the ability to rooms directly on goal. Then he pushes the shot Left Analog Stick upwards, so that the ball lowers dangerously into the goal.

Option 2: A direct scoring is impossible. Instead of a blind flank to beat in the box, Jan calls in this case, a second player zoom (LT), plays the short pass and builds the game rearranged to.

In defending timing is crucial. Once the free kick taker starts, Jan sprints with a tall player directly to the goal line behind the wall. If the ball comes sailing along, the defender can often defend him.

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